About Us

We at Nature's Relics are passionate about the beautiful reclaimed cypress wood that we have the opportunity to work on. Our mission goal is to rediscover and uncover the natural beauty of this old water worn wood. Because the wood has already been sculpted in time by nature, the integrity of the piece is always kept in tact. Decade after decade the water has grooved it's story onto this wood. Great care is given to the cleaning and preparing of each unique piece, resulting in a one of a kind display of nature's great bounty!

America's exotic wood is offered to you in it's natural state as hanging mounts, wall decor, table top baskets, garden benches, and awesome landscape pieces both small and large. These artful eco-friendly touches are sure to enhance your outdoor living area.

Our finished work entails sanding, steel-wooling, burnishing, and applying a non-toxic organic shellac. This application is repeated

multiple times until the desired finish is established. We endeavor to present to you the most unique free-standing art pieces and home decor, with a variety of smooth natural finishes, unaccustomed wood grains, and unparalleled formations.

Size, rarity, and uniqueness are the three components that determine the value of these original treasures. We are dedicated to personalized service by helping you find the perfect piece that fits your budget, and satisfies your discerning eye. Experience nature at it's best with Nature's Relics old growth cypress wood!